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From concept to reality, construction has finished on the new extension to the Visitor Information Centre and Tide Wine Bar, ready to house the Moreton Bay Discovery Centre & Museum.

We are now seeking funding to install the technological and content displays. If you would like to be a part of this landmark tourism and community hub, please follow the link to make a donation!!!




The Moreton Bay Discovery Centre and Museum is situated on the William Gunn Jetty, and allows for international tourists and Queenslanders to discover the Bay through the provision of educational, historical and eco-tourism experiences. The centre supports environmental values and sustainable uses and enjoyment of Moreton Bay and its waterways, islands and beaches. The Centre encourages learning about the Bay’s Aboriginal custodians and early European settlements through historical experiences and supports activities to sustain its unique environment for  fish, turtles, dugoen and birdlife. Regional, national and international tourism are provided with information and booking facilities. Attractive visual displays of St Helena Island, Fort Lytton National Park and Peel Island take the visitor on a journey into the past, and celebrate the significance of the area.

Moreton Bay and its waterways and beaches are at the core to our quality of life and enjoyable lifestyles in South East Queensland. Keeping Moreton Bay healthy and attractive for recreation and tourism is critical to maintaining the great lifestyles and livelihoods of a growing population of over 3 million.


The Moreton Bay Discovery Centre at Manly Harbour, a major gateway to the Bay, assists to build the community’s and visitor’s knowledge and understanding of how to use and enjoyment these values in a sustainable way. It explains the environmental, social and economic values of Moreton Bay and the greater coastal region from the past to the present.. Growing local and regional tourism is informed and serviced by an accredited Tourist Information Office at the Discovery Centre, close to tourism service infrastructure. Use of the Discovery Centre by the local community enhances our sense of place in Manly Village, particularly when connected to the many land and sea festivities in the Manly and Wynnum area.


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